Phallosan Forte Review

The Phallosan is a device designed to increase the size of the male anatomy by using the concept of traction. It falls within the category of penis extenders, a method of penis enlargement with a proven track record that men are turning to in greater numbers. While many other products make claims that aren’t realistic (such as gaining 3 inches within 2 weeks), penis extenders are one of a limited number of options men can trust.

Phallosan Kit

visit-site-blueMost penis extenders on the market are of the “rigid metal rod” variety. Due to its popularity this particular design, apart from minor improvements, has remained relatively unchanged for many years. This being the case, most men who have used them will tell you they are far from perfect and leave much to be desired, especially in the areas of comfort and practicality. It was to address these 2 major issues that a German company developed a very unique extender known as the Phallosan Forte.

How Does the Phallosan Work?

Gone are the rigid metal rods and old ways of securing the penis. They are replaced by a system that secures your manhood in a gentler way that relies on suction instead of plastic nooses or straps. Then tension is applied when the bell tip (that holds the penis head) is hooked to a strap that wraps around your waist. Though simple, the process is somewhat difficult to describe in words so we encourage you to view the video below which makes it much easier to understand.

Extenders have to be used extended periods of time to yield good results so comfort is an important consideration. Most men will gladly accept a small degree of discomfort for a bigger penis but the level of discomfort caused by traditional extenders doesn’t allow them to be worn for extended periods of time. The Phallosan adeptly counters this problem through the use of a suction bell which, when affixed, gently pulls on the penis head to create traction without impeding blood flow, one of the major causes of discomfort.

Penis enlargement is a marathon, not a sprint, and users who want to be successful must be willing to wear an extender for sufficient periods of time to reach their goals. Not only is this difficult with metal rod extenders due to the discomfort of wearing them, but additionally these rigid devices can’t be worn at night and are too bulky to be worn under clothing. The obvious problem here is finding enough hours in a day to use a metal rod extender if it’s not possible to wear it while you sleep or are at work.

Once again the Phallosan extender counters this issue by not only being easier to conceal under clothing, allowing you to easily wear it outside your home, but also because you can wear it while you sleep. The ability to use it while asleep offers a HUGE advantage over comparable devices. If you normally sleep an average of 8 hours a night, you will be close to having already met your daily traction time quota before your day even begins!

After reading about the advantages of using the Phallosan you may still be skeptical as to how effective it really is. Fortunately, the manufacturer goes beyond merely providing anecdotal evidence and allows users to view the results of a clinical study that was performed on their device. It not only validates the Phallosan as a legitimate method to increase penis size though additional endorsements from respected doctors also enhance its credibility among users.

Phallosan Results

Any man looking at a particular method of penis enlargement wants to know the potential gains he can expect before choosing it. This is hard to predict and depends on an individual’s growth potential and whether or not they are new to penis enlargement. Obviously, men who have experienced some growth in the past will be closer to their maximum potential then someone who hasn’t. Keeping this in mind, someone who is a first time beginner can expect gains of up to 3″ in length with sufficient time and dedication.

Note that previous versions of the the Phallosan Forte came with condom sleeves (used to affix the penis via suction) that were prone to tearing easily. The breakage forced users to invest more money to buy additional sleeves. This problem has been solved by using a new material that is more resistant to tearing and heat while bonus condoms have been added to every kit. Now every Phallosan Forte kit sold comes with enough condoms to last all the way until you reach your maximum growth.

When compared to other penis extenders, and for all the reasons stated above, Phallosan is the clear winner. Its comfort and ease of use are superior to other extenders of all types while offering comparable gains. On top of that, it’s also less expensive than the popular Sizegenetics and offers an impressive array of useful information for users who need guidance on how to better use it and maximize their results. To find out more about this product please visit the official Phallosan website.


The Bathmate Hydro Pump

It has already been established that the Phallosan Forte system is possibly one of the most effective solutions on the market to increase penis size. That being said, its focus is on increasing length, and while it also makes your penis wider, it simply isn’t as effective at maximizing that particular dimension. If your specific goal is to get a thicker manhood, a hydro pump like the Bathmate is a much more effective solution.

The Bathmate pump is quite different from conventional penis pumps since it uses water instead of air as its medium. Using vacuum to alter the internal pressure inside the cylinder, it exercises your penis by stretching it in every direction which not only helps it get thicker but also increases the size of the penis head, something most other devices can’t do.  Click on the following link for a complete Bathmate review.

Furthermore, a typical session with a Bathmate, which you can easily perform while showering, will only take about 15 minutes of your time. An added advantage is that you will see an improvement after your very first session as your penis will have a “pump” a state that gym buffs recognize as an increase in size that occurs when a particular muscle or set of muscles becomes temporarily engorged with blood.

Though the “pump” state is temporary, usually lasting a few hours (which you can use to your advantage during sex), repeated use of the Bathmate will cause these gains to eventually become permanent.